Double Foil Packing Machine MY-160B
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Double Foil Packing Machine MY-160B

Double Foil Packing Machine MY-160B

Tablet Or Capsule Strip Packing Machine  With Video MY-160B

Product Description

Machine Wroking video Link:


Scope of application

Automatic Strip Packaging Machine,be characterized of advanced structure, high efficiency, low noise and easy to operate. It utilizes frequency control to set travel at will,increase the vibration entire column feed mechanism and optical monitoring devices, it can automatic counting,and can Auto-complete filling, sealing, tangent, batch number, cut at high-speed operation. It applies to package the Tablets, capsules and Electronic Components in the pharmaceutical industry. It can make a good sealing and lucifuge well. 



Machine Picture:

machine original picture


The machine shell is made of welded stainless steel plate by forming, the Machine is designed reasonable and every machine configured with safe operation of protective PC board door cover which is according to “GMP” demands. It enhanced aesthetics and practicality of products.

The entire device uses programmable controller and programmable touch screen to control each action point, so it can be ensure that uncoated or coated tablets and capsules can be automatic filling into two level of Alu materials became to strip packing, the length of strip sheet (the strip traction) can be change in the touch screen as your required, you just adjusts some rollers and remove some cutter easily when you want to change the strip packing length or different sheets,   

The TEMP of heating sealing mould is control by intelligent temperature controller with PID system, meanwhile, the TEMP detector is adopts PT roller surface detector which components is imported, one the one hand, it can be ensure the stable TEMP of roller’s surface, on the other hand, it can increase leak-proofness of heating strips.


The speed of main motor is control by transducer which is stepless speed regulating, it adopts programmable controller, so it can be make the drive of mechanical frame simple, easy to maintain. In addition, the machine also have cutter in sealing station, which is for waster edge easy to tear, it can be make the trips look more clearly and nice looking.  

double alu packing machine detail 1double alu packing machine detail 2machine detail 3sample picture

 Technique Performance       

Capacity:30-48 thousand pcs/hour

Punch frequency:40~80times/min

Packaging area:160mm× any length

Main motor power: 0.75KW

Material roll DIA:300 mm

Total power:2.75KW

Machine Dimension (L×W×H): 1300×750×1700 mm

Air compressor:0.5Mpa

Packing Dimension (L × W × H):

1500×1000× 1900mm

Gross weight:450 kg


Our Sample :

 sample for double foildouble alu sample