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1、Transportation services

"Ming Cantonese" right arrange transportation for the equipment, from start to finish to provide users with timely, efficient and comprehensive service, ensure that the user equipment ordered promptly and safely reach their destination.

2、Installation, commissioning and technical guidance

"Ming Cantonese" send experienced technicians responsible for the installation process for the equipment to provide technical guidance services; simultaneous production lines and single equipment commissioning work to allow users in the shortest time to master operation, maintenance and repair techniques to ensure standard production.

3、Quality Assurance

"Ming Cantonese" products factory after one year quality guarantee period, if the equipment quality problems, the factory will notify the user received within three hours after timely feedback, and provide appropriate solutions.

4、Personnel training services

"Ming Cantonese" is responsible for the equipment on the user's electrical, mechanical operation and maintenance personnel and production line managers conduct systematic, comprehensive, multi-channel training services
5、Parts supply service

"Ming Cantonese" to the user responsible for the timely supply of reliable quality, reasonable prices wearing parts, in order to ensure continuous production of its production lines. Warranty period, parts and components damaged in normal use, it can provide free replacement; warranty period, long-term supply of spare parts, only the fees collected.
6、Technical upgrades

"Ming Cantonese" in the production of equipment used in the new technology, new technology will keep the user informed, and provide users with technological innovation and thoughtful service, the equipment used to ensure that users can always maintain the advanced technology.