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Guangzhou Mingyue Packaging Machinery Co.,LTD. is a collection development, design, production and sale of machinery and equipment based private enterprises. Founded in March 2005,is located in the beautiful city of Guangzhou - Guangzhou, convenient transportation, drove half an hour to reach the Guangzhou Railway Station, 20 minutes to Guangzhou East Railway Station and 10 minutes from Pazhou Exhibition Centre.
Strong technical force, advanced equipment and technology support, while the production of complete sets of non-standard product engineering, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and other train services on the market since the majority of users rely on and praise. Products the majority of users, especially the large pharmaceutical, cosmetic manufacturers favor, and become their first choice to replace imported equipment. Our products sell well at home and abroad. Exported to the world's major industrial countries, Turkey, India, Russia, Brazil and other regions, the company has 50% of the equipment exported to foreign countries.

Company specializing in the production of granules packing machine, powder packing machine, butter packing machine, puffed food packaging machines packaging machines and a variety of multi-functional single-punch tablet machine and rotary tablet machines and other related pharmaceutical equipment. Scope of business involves food, pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, hardware, toys and other industries, supporting strong, can be adapted to the needs of different users.

Company in good faith, customer first, people-oriented, technology-first principle, with the majority of customers and common development. Implementation of product one year warranty and lifetime service, providing customers with personnel training, technical consulting, processing, packaging and sales maintenance, long-term supply of equipment, spare parts and other aftermarket items. User demand is our pursuit, we are fully committed to provide users with high-quality service.
Guangzhou Ming Guangdong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. The main products are automatic granule packing machine, automatic butter packing machine, automatic teabag packing machine, automatic liquid packaging machine, automatic powder packaging machine, automatic tablet packaging machine, multifunctional packaging machine, chain transfer packaging machines, packet installed trilateral, quadrilateral packet installed, back seal packaging machines, horizontal packaging machines, vertical packing machine, automatic packaging machines, semi-automatic packaging machine, packing machine, widely used in food, chemical, cosmetic, spices, puffed food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Such as: instant noodle industry soup packets, desiccant, granules, coffee, detergent, Guozhen, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, grain.
1. Granule packing machine / seeds packing machine / packing machine MSG / desiccant packaging machine / tea packing machine / medicine packaging machine / multifunction packing machine / automatic granule packing machine / Babao tea bags installed / granule packing machine / Trilateral packet installed / packet installed four sides / back packet installed / melon seeds packing machine / peanut packing machine / cereal packaging machine.

2.Tea powder packing machine / food packaging machine / powder packing machine / powder packing machine / packing machine / vertical packaging machine / Trilateral packet installed / island packet installed / back packet installed / multifunctional packaging machine .

3.Liquid packaging machine / sauce packing machine / Tomato packing machine / sauce packing machine / salad dressing packaging machine / packaging machine shampoo / shower gel packaging machine / cream packaging machine / Four side seal packaging machine lift / Trilateral packet installed / back packet installed / multifunction packaging machine / peanut butter packing machine / sesame packing machine / jelly packing machine / packaging machine caviar.

4.TDP, DP, THP, ZP, ZPW series tablet presses, CFQ, XCJ, TSG, QVC series tablet presses auxiliary; CH, V, HD Mixer; YK, ZL, LG, HLSG series granulators; GF , DL, CW series mill; RXH series sugar Coating Machine. ZLK Series Quick Zhengliao machine and various dies. For the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronics, metallurgy and other industries.